What We Do

The Trust was established in 2005 and has helped a growing number of children who have have experienced trauma which has led to an inability to learn in a conventional setting. Locally we have teamed up with a small innovative education provider to meet the educational and emotional needs of both the children and their families.

A growing number of children have flourished in this environment and have been able to rekindle their love of learning. The older children have achieved success in taking their GCSEs and A levels on site while others have been able to return with renewed confidence to a mainstream setting.

Our future aim is to reach out to a greater number of families in need.

Please click on the link below to listen to the  founder and Principal of Llangattock School Monmouth, Rosemary Whaley, talking on national radio about children’s mental health, well-being and education. The programme will be broadcast on Monday 13th August 2018 at 10am.